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STMAN Utilities


$STMAN tokens are used as a payment method on Stickman's Battleground. The holders of $STMAN can enjoy the full functions in Stickman’s Battleground ecosystem, such as trading on Marketplace.

Staking/ Earning

Players are allowed to put $STMAN tokens in their wallet or someone else's wallet for a specific period to get rewards from Stickman's Battleground. This is aimed to create monetary incentives for the most dedicated and motivated players. Our staking mechanism takes place on BSC by several community validators and delegates. In effect, the authorizers are pooling their $STMAN tokens in their preferred validator.

Yield Farming

Users can invest their tokens in the DeFi market and get a high return on their investments.


Users can use $STMAN as a native token for other $STMAN models in Stickman’s ecosystem.