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Market Overview

Play-to-Earn Gaming Revolution

The advent of blockchain and NFTs have revolutionized the gaming market by providing an equal playing field for all participants, providing players with the right of ownership and a source of income, and making their playing time worthwhile. Recent years marked a boom in blockchain-based games, attracting hundreds of new players and creating thousands of transactions every day.
NFT is the latest trend in the crypto-verse. Unique, irreplaceable, easy to trade on blockchain - all of which have created the NFTs craze lately. In 2021, with many notable events in the cryptocurrency world and the COVID-19 pandemic transforming art exhibitions, music concerts, and even fashion shows to hybrids, this trend has really "gone to the moon."

Existing problems

However, blockchain-based game is still in its early stage, there are problems existing for game players
Most of the gameFi projects are poorly designed and structured Players are not fully equipped with the necessary knowledge about tokens and NFTs Some still considered this as a risky investment The entry fee and gas fee are burdens to newcomers.
Understanding these potentials and problems, Stickman’s Battleground prioritizes gamer experience by offering stunning design, engaging game flow combined with attractive crypto rewards