• PVE game mode (or so-called the Treasure Hunt) is the mode for new players to earn rewards daily without requiring much skill or tactics.
  • The mission is to throw the weapon toward the chests spawn randomly on the map. There will be three types of chests: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Destroying the chest, players will earn the respective rewards. Chest's health bar and appearing time have inverse ratio with its level, the higher the chest's level is, the lower the appearing time is.
  • Players can withdraw the reward with the fee of 30% in the first day, this percentage decreases 2% daily. Or they can use tickets to enter PvP mode and earn even more.
  • Maximum 5 NFTs can be used in 1 day, (ie. 1 NFT = 1 turn, 2 NFTs = 2 turns, ...). Players can choose the NFT to play.