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Attractive Points

Attractive PvE mode

Adopting the click-to-earn trend, a popular game mode in GameFi, Stickman's Battleground introduces the Treasure Hunt PvE game mode with an attractive mechanism and rewards.

Real-time Survival PVP Game mode

Transforming traditional P2E games into real-time multiplayer mechanisms with 30 players per round to ensure the game attractiveness and increase the challenging rate for all players in the battleground.

Profitable Tokenomics Ecosystem

Earning rewards and sharing revenue through staking & yield farming pool with lucrative APR & APY along with a low gas fee. This secures $STMAN token price to be progressive over time. Compound interest occurs right in IDO launching.

Dynamic weapons

Various weapons are only available for Stickman players to serve your stylish ways of fighting. Imagine that you can use slippers, TVs, laptops as weapons and throw them at your enemies. Like other battle shooting games, STMAN has guns, but only for throwing. Even if the weirdest things pop up in your mind, we are always willing to listen to your ideas and add community-driven weapons to further game versions.