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There are three types of boxes:
  • Players can buy boxes and open them to get random NFT with different rarity levels from level D to level SS. Common box cannot open the level 7 - SSS level.
  • There is no limit on the number of boxes being sold in the game.
  • The common boxes can only be purchased on STMAN marketplace and cannot be traded P2P.
  • Drop rate: D: 75%, C: 15%, B: 5%, A: 3.5%, S:1% , SS: 0.5%
  • Have a limited quantity of 50.000 boxes (5000 Premium Boxes are sold publicly, 10,000 Premium Boxes will be distributed to partners, gameguild and 35,000 is for tournament rewarding system)
  • Each NFT hero has a unique appearance.
  • Can be purchased in various marketplaces (INO launchpads, STMAN Marketplace, etc.)
  • Users can transfer boxes to other players
  • Rarity levels range from B to SSS.
  • B: 44%, A: 36%, S: 18%, SS: 1.8%, SSS: 0.2%
  • Require users to stake $STMAN token to buy Super boxes
  • Have no limit on the number of boxes
  • Rarity levels range from C to SSS.