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Core value

The vigorous development of Blockchain and NFT opens up many opportunities for innovation and competition, especially for Play to Earn projects. Therefore, our seasoned development team, with a passion for Blockchain & Play to Earn gaming, aims to bring an optimal platform, solve all of the above problems, and bring spiritual and monetary value to the gaming community.
Our solution combines the entertainment of traditional games with the economics of blockchain games. High profits, easy-to-understand rules combined with fascinating quests, progress-oriented gameplay, and beautiful graphics - all have created a unique Stickman's Battleground, perfect and ready to explode in the Play to Earn Gaming market. All players can experience exciting battles, fight with dynamic weapons, become the winners, and receive attractive prizes. In addition, we are also very interested in developing the gaming community with a desire to bring the best values ​​back to gamers.
Our vision is to be the pioneer NFT game in the Stickman ecosystem.
Our mission is to improve the current P2E game mechanics by bringing a superior gaming experience while balancing the P2E-related economy.